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Let’s dream together about the perfect hunting reserve and experience for a moment.


What if you had access to more than 706 acres of a trophy buck hunter’s perfect playground? What if that playground were roaming with the finest trophy whitetails in Texas? Who would you invite to join you on your hunts – friends, clients, both? So that you can accommodate everyone, let’s extend the hunting season of that land past the regular season with no repercussions. Also, since we’re dreaming, let’s add in year-round access to that land. Land that includes a high fence around the perimeter, has been managed for the perfect hunting experience and comes complete with top-of-the-line hunting blinds and installed feeders. Go anytime you get a wild hair to be in the woods! If you are starting to get “that itch”, one that hunters know well when the air begins to smell like Fall, then what Rayonier Hunting and Recreation is offering will fulfill that dream and provide the scratch manna to tame your wild hare itch!


Located within 1.5 hours from the Houston metro area in Camden, Texas, this property is 20 minutes from Livingston and one hour from The Woodlands. Rayonier is offering exclusive one-year rights to hunting acreage that meets all the criteria of that dream and more. This private land is perfect for a hunt club, corporation, or individual starting with the 2019-2020 hunting season.


Rayonier partnered with a leading whitetail breeder at Sierra Mesa Ranch in Hico, Texas to introduce world-class genetics to the property. Trophy bucks have the potential to be in the 180-250” class at full maturity. The current herd has been managed to ensure an equal number of harvestable bucks annually to the maximum allowable number of hunters. Deer harvest is an important aspect. The benefits of enrollment include extended harvest opportunities from September to late February and enhanced bag limits.

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Managed as a timber tract, the property was sustainably harvested 5 years ago. While timber was removed in many areas, mature stands of Loblolly pine were left untouched providing excellent wooded sanctuaries and bedding for whitetail deer. The turnkey property has all the characteristics of an ideal hunting retreat with its gently rolling hills and river bottoms. Two creeks ebb and flow throughout the year continuously offering water sources for wildlife, even during mid-summer. The property has varmint-proofed, high fencing around 570 acres. A network of roadways was constructed throughout to provide easy access to elevated blinds, feeders, property boundaries, and vehicle accessible entrance and exits.


As part of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Managed Lands Deer Program, the property is intended to foster and support management and stewardship of native wildlife and habitats on private lands. It is Rayonier’s expectation that the property will be managed correctly. Many of the does are pregnant to nurture complete sustainability in three years. Therefore, Rayonier is looking for customers who are conservation minded so that smart hunting practices and sound land management remain. If so, you’ll have the first right to renew this privilege each year.


Other wildlife has been seen and can be hunted as well, such as turkey, dove, varmints, hogs, and, of course, wild hare. The land is also perfect for hiking, off-roading, target shooting, corporate team building, and camping. 


If you have read this far then it may be time to back away from the keyboard, put down your writing pen, and explore this further. Do more than dream! Tame the wild hair telling you to get out of the city so you can check out the Wild Hare, the world class deer, and the beautiful nature at this Rayonier property!